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Community Habilitation

HASC Center’s Community Habilitation transforms the individual’s unstructured time at home into a positive, educational and productive experience.

HASC Center provides a wonderful service to both children and adults with developmental disabilities who live with their families, based out of their own homes! HASC Center’s Community Habilitation Program, formerly known as Res-Hab, has been offering this one-on-one supplemental support and assistance to families for over four decades.

Individuals with developmental and/or intellectual challenges and their Community Hab trainers work on individualized, tailor-made programs, in an appropriate combination of home and community settings. Trainers approved by the family are paired one-on-one with the individual to work on life skills, such as travel training, social skills and shopping skills, as well as provide an outlet for going on community outings and engaging in other recreational activities that may be otherwise difficult to access. Community Hab is an excellent way of giving individuals with disabilities who live at home the ability to partake in a more well-rounded life experience that will carry over to all areas of their lives.

HASC Center recognizes that every individual is unique and needs unique programming. The beauty of the Community Habilitation program is that no two plans are the same. The Medicaid Service Coordinator works together with the Community Hab Supervisor to develop a tailor-made plan that focuses on the individual’s specific valued outcomes and needs. The one-on-one trainers are given instruction and guidance on an ongoing basis in order to maximize the overall experience individuals and their families get out of the program.

While this program generally operates during afternoon/evening hours and on Sundays, HASC Center’s Community Hab department does its utmost to provide families with staff according to their specific needs and schedules, and will assist in finding trainers to work other times as well.

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