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HASC Center´s eCycling

provides green-tech jobs for people with special needs.

This unique opportunity offers companies an opportunity to simultaneously benefit the disabled and responsibly recycle unwanted electronic assets.

Mission Statement

HASC Center’s mission is to teach, support and advocate for individuals with special needs to make life choices, exercise independence and develop responsibility. For over 50 years, HASC Center has encouraged all individuals to become productive members of the community. For individuals capable of community employment, HASC Center is committed to providing meaningful community based job opportunities working alongside a traditional workforce.

In 2012 HASC Center established a program to provide Electronics Recycling Services for the metro New York Area. HASC Center’s eCycling program provides quality electronic processing services maximizing the diverse capabilities of its workforce in a fashion which is on par with other companies.

HASC Center’s eCycling program provides recycling of primarily electronic office technologies like computers, servers, monitors and LCD's, scanners, copiers and network equipment. It also provides recycling for a variety of other electronics including power supplies, video equipment, televisions and cell phones. These capabilities were developed in partnership with an established electronics processing provider and has grown beyond our initial expectations.

Today the eCycling program provides electronics recycling services for the local community and for large global corporations. The process uses the highest industry standards in safety and security, as well as, providing “green tech” jobs for the disabled.


Transport and Storage

For convenient and secure collection and transport of electronic assets with easy online scheduling for pick-ups.

Donation Programs

Providing great tax incentives to companies while benefiting those in need.

Shredding Services

In addition to dismantling and part harvesting eCycling provides full shredding services.


Extensive reporting package, detailing assets by serial number, model, type configuration and more; certificates of data destruction and recycling available as well.

What We Process

eCycling processes a variety of electronics. Those typically processed are shown below. However, with so many different types of electronics available today, if your items are not listed give us a call or send us an email.
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