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Family Support Services

We are there with a helping hand, because we understand.

Respite & Support Services
HASC Center recognizes that many families can greatly benefit from supplemental services for their loved ones. This type of respite affords families quality time with other family members, mini vacations, and the ability to take care of those needs that somehow get pushed to the side.

Lev Tova
At HASC Center’s Lev Tova, New York’s only frum overnight respite home for children with special needs. Lev Tova’s living and dining rooms are spacious and welcoming. Lev Tova even provides a state of the art Snoezelen Room which offers a wide range of sensory experiences for the children to enjoy.
For more information regarding Lev Tova - click here.

Weekend and Holiday Respite
A very popular event both for participants and staff, it is held on various extended holiday and Yom Tov weekends throughout the year in the scenic venue of the Catskill Mountains.

After-School Programs
After-School programs are center based programs which provide a recreational outlet where children spend time together to develop socialization skills.

Sunday Programs
The Sunday program is a specialized program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is highly structured and supervised program with an exceptionally high staff ratio, coordinated by a professional teacher certified in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

New Parents
Individualized mentoring and support for new parents of a child with a developmental disability from the time of birth. We provide parent support packages filled with much needed information in addition to inspirational material for body & soul!

Sibiling and Support Network
Sibling support groups for the brothers and sisters of individuals with disabilities. Sib-Shops help siblings cope with the issues they face as a sibling of someone with a disability. They are offered monthly as well as seasonal special events.

Support Groups
Groups exist to help parents cope with the challenges they face in raising a child with disabilities. Many of our new parents have found it helpful to talk to another mother or father who can understand some of what they are experiencing. Other parents can also be a great source of information about local resources. Support groups are formed around a particular disability such as Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Multiple disabilities.

Speakers & Special Program
Throughout the year we offer a host of professional speakers that lecture about their areas of expertise in the field of disabilities. Additionally we facilitate Q & A sessions, forums, panel presentations and entertainment events. We sponsor Melava Malkas and inspirational talks by prominent Rabbonim, professionals and other inspirational speakers..

Hotline - 718.494.4442
We offer a hotline for anyone that needs to talk and needs a good listener. We also provide referral information to parents in an effort help in the care of their child with a disability. We will connect you with resources that will help you help them to achieve their full potential at home and in your community.

 Parent Support Network Video
Lev Tova
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