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HASC Center Inaurgurates eWorks Program
E-Works, HASC Center's new electronics recycling initiative, began operating this November. This program complements our other assembly and packaging job training opportunities. "We're just at the brink of this whole recycling market," said HASC Centerís executive director, Shmiel Kahn. "E-Works will help protect the environment while giving engaging work to the individuals who've been trained to do this." ............
HASC Center's SPECIAL Evening
The event was set for May 17 at 8 pm. As one of four panelists, I arrived punctually and watched as female family members of special needs individuals arrived eagerly to listen to divrei chizuk from other siblings and mothers who shared similar, but never quite identical, situations. This was to be one in a long chain of support evenings sponsored by the Binuryni Parent Support Network, a wonderful service provided by HASC Center....
Hasc Center Binuryni Melave Malka
On Motzoei Shabbos Kodesh Parashas Pekudei, parents of children with special needs were treated to an inspiring melaveh malkah highlighted by divrei chizuk presented by Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, Mashgiach of Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood.
HASC Center's Lev Tova Opens Doors For Avi
Lev Tova is the first respite home in New York State under frum auspices suitable for children from the greater Orthodox community. The urgent need for such a facility, although recognized by Jewish agencies for a long time, received its strongest articulation from Binuryni, HASC Center's parent support network for families of children needing special care.
HASC Center opens Lev Tova Respite Home in Brooklyn
די ספּעציעלע 'אָפענע טיר', פאַרקערפּערט אייגענטליך וואָס לב טובה איז. ביז איצט, ווען עס האָט זיך געמאַכט אַ שמחה אָדער אַן עמוירדזשענסי ביי אַ משפחה פון אונזער היימישער ציבור מיט אַ קינד מיט ספּעציעלע געברויכן, זענען נעבעך אַלע טירן געווען פאַרשלאָסן פאַר זיי. איצט, אַדאַנק לב טובה, עפענען זיך ברייט די טירן פאַר די קינדער און משפחות וועלכע דאַרפן עס, און עס שטעלט זיי צו פרישע מעגליכקייטן אין צייטן פון נויט.
HASC Center's Lev Tova Children's Respite Home provides a safe environment for children of special needs and supports parents by giving them a break. The six bedroom facility provides a safe and comfortable environment for children with special needs and gives parents an often needed break from the rigors of care giving.
HASC Center opens NY's first frum respite home
HASC Center's Lev Tova, is New York's only frum overnight respite home for children with special needs. At the open house, there were parents, neighbors, volunteers, friends, and government officials who came to learn about this remarkable new service to our community.
NY's First Frum Respite Home & HASC Lobbies Albany Against Program Cuts
Parents, neighbors, volunteers, friends and governments officials were all on hand at the grand opening, on May 13th, for HASC Center's Lev Tova, New York's only religious overnight respite home for children with special needs.
HASC Center Opens NY's First Frum Respite Home
Lev Tova is unique, as it is the only frum respite home for special-needs children in New York. Parents will now be able to plan vacations, attend simchos,take a much-needed break or have a backup in case of an emergency.This revolutionary paradigm reflects HASC Center's ongoing commitment to both the family's needs and to developing the future of each individual that they serve, well beyond the standard model of care.
HASC Center Goes to Albany to Lobby Against Program Cuts
A group representing HASC Center's programs for individuals with developmental disabilities went to the state capitol to meet with legislators. This group consisted of program participants, program supervisors and coordinators. Their objective was to thank the legislators for their ongoing support and to impress upon them the need and importance of the many services provided by organizations like HASC Center.
Lev Tova: A Home of Love and Respite for Special Needs Children
Lev Tova is unique, as it is the only frum respite home for special-needs children in New York. Parents will now be able to plan vacations, attend simchos, take a much-needed break or have a backup in case of an emergency.
Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Boro President Salutes HASC Center & Pomegranate Partnership
In conjunction with HASC Center's Supported Employment Program, Pomegrante has given Yitzchak a unigue opportunity to realize his dream of gaining employment and earning a living.....
HASC Center hosted an employee recognition reception in honor of Gavriel Sienov, the recipient the ANCOR (American Network of Community Options and Resources) New York State 2010 Direct Support Professional of the Year award. Gavriel Sienov works in HASC Center's Ditmas Avenue residence. " This honor is a reflection of Gavriel's commitment, dedication and total selflessness as well as the quality services provided by HASC Center," said Shmiel Kahn, Executive Director.......
Exciting Day at HASC Center's Yeshivah Day Hab
This past Thursday, Harav Mattisyahu Salomon, shlita, Mashgiach in Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, found the opportunity to fulfill a wish he had expressed last summer: to see HASC Center's Yeshivah Day Hab in Boro Park and visit with the special men and boys who spend each day learning and growing there. The Mashgiach also affixed a mezuzah on the front door...
Capital One Visits HASC Center
In this uncertain and tumultuous economic period, when most financial institutions are seeking to curtail lending to even the most credit worthy clients, Capital One, one of the premier financial services companies in the nation, recently completed a financing transaction on behalf of HASC Center......
HASC Center's Lag B'omer Festival
The faces of hundreds of people were lit up with smiles last Tuesday at the HASC Center's Lag B'Omer Festival. Numerous other agencies joined HASC in a full day of fun and entertainment in Coney Island's Asser Levy Park...
Discovering HASC Center's Binuryni Program
HASC Center, Inc., a renowned not-for-profit agency that provides services for individuals with developmental and intelectual disabilities and their families, graciously took on the responsibility of overseeing the orginization and provided the necessary funding for Binuryni of Williamsburg. Binuryni offers a variety of support groups that take place on a regular basis.
HASC Center's Residence for Couples
The HASC Center residence manager in charge of their apartment said that Schmuel and Sara Leah had been living there for the past six years, having previously lived in a much smaller supervised flat in a different part of Boro park. She recalled that Sara leah took an active role in the preparations for their move six years ago by picking out the furniture and linens for her new home. .........
Crown Heights Welcomes new HASC Center Residence
HASC Center has expanded its services with the establishment of a new group home for adults in Crown Heights,located at 580 East New York Avenue, between Brooklyn and Kingston Avenues. The new center is a beautiful,w arm residence that provides a full range of clinical and therapeutic services,and promotes independence and integration into the community...
Avoiding Failure With Behavior Modification
Article written by HASC Center's Clinical Director, Dr. Chaim Wakslak. Key points: Changing behavior is matter of motivation, goals must be achievable, the rewards applied consistently and results must be monitored ....
The Benefits of Drama As A Day Hab Program
Drama helps program participants to grow, gain self esteen and discover new inner resources.
HASC Center and Binuryni pay tribute to Kathy Broderick at annual Malave Malka
A wonderful Malave Malka was held on January 16th, 2010 at the Renaissance Hall for parents of special children. The event was arranged by Binuryni, a support network for parents of children with special needs sponsored by HASC Center. A focal point of the evening was a tribute to Kathy Broderick, Assistant Commissioner of the NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, who after more than 3 decades of dedicated services has decided to retire.
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