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The HASC Center Vocational Training Network consists of an integrated hierarchy of programs which allows an individual with developmental or intellectual challenges to access training supports at the level necessary for their particular needs. Candidates’ preferences and skills are assessed and a range of evaluative measures are used to carefully assess the needs of each person and pinpoint the most important areas of intervention.

The Pre-Vocational Program
Utilizing subcontract work, individuals with developmental or intellectual challenges, who are enrolled in the Pre-Vocational Program, are offered hands-on vocational training, rehabilitation counseling and job training skills. The factory-like setting provides exposure to a fully simulated job environment. Participants are given the opportunity to sharpen their skills in an actual work setting on an “earn while you learn” basis, in a stress free, industrial environment.

The Work Readiness Program is designed to provide services to those that may be ready to transition into the supportive or competitive work environment. Here, they learn many skills including, proper work conduct and appropriate behavior, budgeting and money management skills. In addition to determining work interests and aptitudes, this period of transition allows for a thorough assessment of job skills and job readiness for employment planning. Necessary employment accomodations can be identified as well.

The Supportive Employment Program assists candidates in getting and maintaining jobs in the commmunity. Candidates’ preferences and skills are reviewed prior to the job search. Once a job is found, staff assist candidates in learning the job requirements for a successful transition. HASC Center employs a range of evaluative measures to carefully assess the needs of each person. Tailored to each client’s needs, this service ranges from job retention to 100% job coaching support.

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